Kirurgisk Klinik Maribo

Prices for patients without a referral

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Prices for private/insurance Surgeon

Preliminary study

DKK 1,200

Follow up

DKK 800

Gastroscopy incl. Possibly. sedation and tissue examination

DKK 3,500


DKK 2,500


DKK 4,500

Colonoscopy incl. Possibly. sedation

DKK 5,300

Supplement for tissue samples

DKK 1,000

Polyp removal in connection with colonoscopy. 1. polyp

DKK 1,500

Additional polyp removal per section in connection with colonoscopy

DKK 900

Elastic treatment of hemorrhoids

DKK 1,500

Removal of clams (skin flaps) under local anaesthetic

DKK 4,000

Removal of nodules in the skin/under the skin

DKK 2,000

Surgery for ingrown toenail

DKK 1,200

Nail removal

DKK 1,200

Varicose veins, internal laser (one leg)

DKK 6,500/TIME

NOTE: 6% additional patient insurance